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Failsafe mode

1. Set your PC ip: and subnetmask and gateway

2. Power off the router

3. Disconnect the WAN cable

4. Only connect your PC Ethernet cable to ETH0

5. Power On the router

6. Wait for the router to start the boot sequence (SYS LED starts blinking)

7. When SYS LED is blinking, hit restart button (SYS LED will be blink in a faster rate means your router is in failsafe Mode) (you have to hit the button before the router boots)

8. telnet

9. run these commands

   mount_root ## this remounts your partitions from read-only to read/write mode
   firstboot  ## This will reset your router after reboot
   reboot -f ## And force reboot
   Login the web interface using web browser.


uci set network.lan.proto=static uci set network.lan.ipaddr= uci set network.lan.netmask= uci set network.lan.gateway= uci set network.lan.dns=

uci commit dhcp

Reset DHCP OpenWrt

uci set network.lan.proto=static uci set network.lan.ipaddr= uci set network.lan.gateway= uci set network.lan.netmask= uci set network.lan.dns= uci dhcp commit

Birdge AP

The changes below assume an OpenWrt default configuration, the relevant files are:

/etc/config/network /etc/config/wireless Step 1: Change the LAN interface Edit /etc/config/network and change the lan interface section to set the IP your access point should have in the future:

config interface lan

       option ifname eth0
       option type bridge
       option proto static
       option ipaddr
       option netmask
       option gateway
       option dns 

This IP address must be an unused one within the network subnet of the main router. You could also change proto to dhcp and let the main router decide the access point's address, but of course from then on the access point needs a DHCP server and you will lose the ability to directly plug into your access point for maintenance.

Step 2: Configure and enable the wireless network In /etc/config/wireless, locate the existing wifi-iface section and change its network option to point to the newly created interface section.

config wifi-iface

       option device wifi0
       option network lan
       option mode ap
       option ssid OpenWrt
       option encryption none

Naturally, you should consider securing your wifi network.

Step 3: Disable dnsmasq /etc/init.d/dnsmasq disable Step 4: Connect host router and openwrt router correctly Ensure the host router is connected with a lan port of the openwrt, not the wan port!

Apply changes Enable the new wireless network.

root@OpenWrt:~# ifup wifi root@OpenWrt:~# wifi

Traffic Monitor

opkg install iftop

iftop -i br-lan


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