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The Venus Project Text Based Visit

This project is being developed by Futuragora which is a Portuguese non profit organization for the resource based economy. All copyright in this video and project is owned by The Venus Project. Since our foundation we tested some ways of materializing virtualy the proposals and goal of The Venus Project and the Resource Based Economy. Some years ago we came with the idea of developing a text-based TVP experience as the CGI virtualization would be impossible to attain with our limited resources. The project stayed on the board until we decided to advance recently for a final and public version of this project.

This project will have a story line crossed with The Venus Project real life research operations.

The project is designed to have three stages of development:

Stage 1 - Circular city maping and navigation: This stage will be developed as we get close to version 0.1.0 when it will be published and available to anyone to use. We will make a text based experience on visiting the first "virtual" tvp city.

Stage 2 - Points, Inventory, Research: Second stage will be final at 0.2.1 and will evolve to a point system for research or collaboration purposed. There will be a personal inventory on the experience. And functional virtual TVP research center connected to existing TVP support platforms.

Stage 3 - Chat Bot and search engine: On third stage will will incorporate a simple chatbot focused on helping visitors and reseachers. The chatbot project was tested a couple of year ago and will need a interaction with the askjacquefresco website, the aiml conversation files and wikipedia automated search interface.

We need your help!

Currently beeing developed using twine2, anyone can help reviewing and adding content or story line to the tvpvisit. You can download this git and you will find a html filed called tvpvisit.html. This file contains all the story line and function allowing you to edit it using the twine2 downloadable installation or using their online editing. Know more at:

Visit the github: