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This Chrome Browser plug-in is able to deploy a fast interface with the concepts, news and chat of The Venus Project and its community.

We are currently designing the features list so we can Open-Source the project through de many TVP groups and chapters around the world.

This project comes out of the need to integrate the tools related to "The Venus Project" in a simple and effective way. As you know, there is a main site, an activist site, a community site, Facebook page, Youtube channel, multimedia area, etc...

To simplify the access to all this information, this Plug-in will group all the related sites into categories for easy access and invite the user to discover all the subjects related to "The Venus Project".

Project Page:

Development page:

Chrome app store:

New features:

  1. thevenusproject irc channel Actual Version: 0.0.7
  1. Versions Updates Version 0.0.4: Chat online, Multimedia and Dev areas. (discontinued) Version 0.0.3: Links updates, format and colors. (discontinued) Version 0.0.2: Menu TVP with javascript and jquery. (discontinued) Version 0.0.1: Simple TVP Foto Gallery. (discontinued)